MX3 Blog #7 – Community And Connections


MX3 Blog #7 – Community And Connections

By: Sofia Epp

The past weeks have been such a unique experience! It has stood out to me how important connecting with others is. We have been able to meet so many amazing people and experience God at work in and around us! It stands out to me how we are made to be in community with each other and God.

A personal lesson I have been reminded about repeatedly on this trip is the importance of me connecting with God. The first days I struggled to find my place in our group. I was trying to make a huge difference by my own strengths which brought me to a lot of frustrations. After a couple of days God showed me that it was not about me doing great things but about His power and love flowing through me. I needed to stop focusing on my own strengths and connect with Him! Throughout the rest of the trip, I have noticed repeatedly that we need to remain in God and let His power flow through us and not rely on our own strengths. Remaining connected with God is a gift!

Throughout the trip I have also noticed how God blessed us with the ways we are able to connect with others. It has been so neat to be with other believers despite language barriers and different cultures.  A gift today was connecting with people at a soup kitchen where anyone was invited to enjoy a bowl of lentil soup. People were able to be in fellowship with each other as they enjoyed the warm meal around tables. I was so blessed by the hospitality shown in this place and by the laughter shared. I especially appreciated talking with the young adults that were serving there. We got to connect with each other by sharing stories and listening to each other. Even though we hardly knew each other, there was a bond which we shared that we all belong to God’s family.

This trip is teaching me so much about what it looks like to connect with God and others and how these are intertwined. I have been blessed by this gift, as well as the encouragement that is found in connecting with others in Him.



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