MX3 Blog #8 – Faithfulness in the Fog


MX3 Blog #8 – Faithfulness in the Fog

By: Dominik Kosta

We have now entered into our final week in Central Asia. It has been so meaningful to be present in different locations throughout these weeks. Each city has offered unique opportunities to meet new people, see diverse representations of culture, and observe the beauty around us. I have been so blessed to make new friends, try new things, and to see God at work in my own heart.

We started our time in this new location on a high hill overlooking the city, proclaiming God’s blessing over it. It was quite foggy in the morning, which was a disappointment as our view of the city was veiled over. As we stood atop the hill though, a few different thoughts came to mind. Fog often represents lack of vision, which can be clouded due to an absence of truth or lack of understanding. Fog also seems emblematic of God’s presence, like the cloud on Mt. Sinai in Exodus 14. Even though there are very few believers, God’s presence is still within this city. He is seeking out every person who He fearfully and wonderfully created, to grant sight to those lost in the fog.

Many aspects of this trip were clouded in uncertainty, but it has been amazing to see God’s faithful provision. From last second flight changes to meaningful time with others, God has been faithful in providing a way and directing our paths. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. We’ve seen God answer them. We look forward to hearing and seeing how God continues to answer these faithful prayers in our time here and beyond.

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