Steinbach Bible College students can now access the Acadeum catalog of online courses already approved for transfer credit.

Acadeum Course Share™ transfer courses have been approved by Steinbach Bible College (SBC) to match SBC courses and transfer directly into your current program. Students must sign up for an account using their SBC student email, verify their SBC email, and register for the approved courses.

Many courses will transfer a letter-grade back to SBC instead of just the credits, and the courses will count in determining semester financial aid. Transferring a grade back is important if you are trying to improve a GPA, and having the course count in determining financial aid may increase your eligibility for aid

Don't see the Course that you need?

If you cannot see an approved course on the Acadeum website that fits your need, please email what course you are looking for to you academic advisor for more information.

Please include your name and the Steinbach Bible College course that you are trying to match. There are many courses available and we can work to get one approved for you.

IMPORTANT: Though all courses are approved, please note that all registrations are still dependent on SBC’s approval on a student-by-student basis.

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Reasons to Take Advantage

  • You have been waitlisted for a course you need

  • You are dropping, failing, or withdrawing from a course but still need credit

  • You are behind in your courses due to COVID-19

  • You are in need of full-time credits or eligibility

  • You want to graduate early

  • You need asynchronous courses that are flexible with your busy schedule

Acadeum Course Share is the leading online course exchange delivering college courses from other accredited institutions. Course credit and even letter grades can transfer back to SBC. Course Share classes offer the most advanced methods in online teaching designed for quality learning and student engagement, distinct from synchronous remote learning via Zoom. Students can apply their financial aid in most cases.

“I was positively surprised by everything that happened during my time at SBC. I was very skeptical and condescending in my first year and had assumed I wouldn’t get along with the professors, but they blew me away with how much they cared for my learning experience, and most importantly, my relationship with God. The majority of my classes were captivating and brought alive the words of the Bible.
Not only was I skeptical of them, but I was afraid the community wouldn’t live up to the great standards that had been so boldly announced while I took a campus tour. I was so wrong. The community at SBC is none like any other. I have made friends that I will continue to talk to years after our time here. I was afraid that signing on for three years right off the hop was a bad idea but by God’s grace and mercy, I was humbled and realized what a safe, encouraging, and growing time I would have here.”

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