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Your journey through College represents a big commitment, not only financially but the rewards and benefits that follow are much more than monetary too.

Here are the top five benefits of the SBC, according to our student satisfaction survey data:

  1. I am growing in faith and discipleship at the college.
  2. Instructors consider the Bible foundational for learning.
  3. It is an enjoyable experience to be a student on this campus.
  4. Faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
  5. I am able to experience intellectual growth here.

2024-2025 Tuition: Canadian Prices

Per Sem.Per Year
Service Learning$166$332

*Pricing is for Canadian citizens. The Per Semester price is based on 16 credit hours. The Per Year price based on 32 credit hours.

Residence Room & Board

Per Sem.Per Year
Dorm - Room, Board, and Meal Plan.*$3,830$7,660

*Pricing is for 4 months (semester) or 8 months (year)

*Based on double occupancy prices. Single occupancy price are $930/year more than posted price..

Financial Aid & Discounts

Per Sem.Per Year
Government Grants & Bursaries* $2,500$5,000
SBC Entrance Bursary* $1,300$2,600
Academic Entrance Scholarships** $500$1000
Application Discounts*** $250$500
Potential TOTAL DISCOUNTS:$4,550$9,100

*Dollar amounts are based on your Net Family Income and amounts recent students have received. DID YOU KNOW, that many students who show financial need can get up to 60% of their Manitoba and Canada Student Loans as Grants and Bursaries? That is money they do not have to pay back. Depending on your Net Family Income you can see a large portion of your tuition and Room & Board covered by Government Student Aid. Even if you don’t need the loans, applying can still get you free money and college students need all the free money they can get.

Canada Grant and Loan Estimator (this does not include Manitoba Bursary or Loans that are in addition to Canada Student Aid)

**$1000 for grade 12 grade average above 90%, $500 for grades between 80-90% (Amounts per year)

***$500 for applications submitted before December 31 for the up coming fall semester, $300 for applications submitted before March 31 for the up coming fall semester (Amounts per year)

There are additional bursaries including:

Additional Fees

Application Fees

Application Fee


Application Fee can be waived if a student attends a Campus Visit.

User Fees

Printer Fees


Administration Fee (eg. exam change, course extension, etc.)


Grad Fee


Books (approximate per semester)




Athletics as determined by involvement


Fitness Room


Lab & Retreat Fees as determined by course enrollment


Student Success Center


Transcript Fee


Part Time Fees

Tuition per credit hour


Tuition per 3 credit hour course


Audit tuition per credit hour


Audit tuition per 3 credit hour course


These amounts are for single courses only.

Campus Housing

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Bungalow Suites

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments

(Includes Utilities and Internet Lite WiFi)
See Campus Housing for full pricing details.

Refundable Deposits

Dorm Room Damage Deposit


Two payment options are available for students:

  1. Pay for each semester in full at the beginning of the semester
  2. Click here to sign up for monthly payments through Rotessa.

Please note, all fees and financial aid are subject to change.

Financial Aid

Need some help paying for your SBC education? You’re not alone! Every year we help students just like you find affordable ways to pay for their education. Often there is more Financial Aid available than students could ever have imagined!

Request a meeting with an SBC Financial Aid Advisor to review your unique financial situation and study goals.

Discover Scholarships and Bursaries available. Plus, read tips for Financing My Education.
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