Residence: your home away from home

The SBC residence is not just another place to live, but a unique opportunity to grow spiritually, study God’s word, build constructive friendships and learn to live with others.

Our Student Services Team works together with our student Care Group Leaders to build an environment of acceptance, spiritual growth, study and fun in the SBC dorms. Weekly Care Groups, visiting SBC Staff in their homes and other Student Life activities make the dorm experience a memorable one.

“Living in dorm is a major highlight. There’s a real depth you create in your relationships when you’re living in community with people which is really hard to find in any other setting.”

- Britton James-Thiessen

Dining: fuel up on your journey

SBC offers 3 square meals a day and accommodates medically prescribed food restrictions. Meals are a great time to fellowship around food and connect at the end of a busy day. Helping in the kitchen is a great way to make some extra cash but also a chance to get to know students and staff in a different setting. 

Resident students receive meals in the dining hall. Menus are posted outside the dining hall. Commuter students may purchase meal tickets at the college office. Whether purchasing a meal or bringing their own, commuter students are welcomed and encouraged to eat in the dining hall. 

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“I have met some awesome people at SBC who have shaped me and inspire me to follow God and love people. I am not the same person that I was before SBC, and I hope to continually grow in my faith and commitment to God.”

- Nolan, ‘23

Experiential Learning:
Going Beyond the Classroom

This mission is expressed as we practice our core values: the Bible is the foundation for learning, discipleship is the process of learning, community is the context of learning, and mission the purpose of learning.

Each semester our students step out into various ministries in the local community to serve through our Service Learning program. This practical hands-on learning deepens student understanding of what they are learning in the classroom.

Important Service Learning information and forms can be found here.

In February of every year, students are exposed to the needs of people in a variety of cross-cultural settings. Our students consistently point to the MissionX program as being some of the most significant learning times of their college experience. MissionX is an important part of helping equip students for church ministry. This practical, hands-on, service opportunity challenges students with global needs both far and near, while also helping them discover their own particular giftedness and ministry interests.

Practicum offers supervised ministry experience, reading, and written reflection totalling 150 hours of ministry and reflection in the student’s area of interest.

An internship provides intensive supervised ministry experience, reading, and written reflection in the student’s major field of study, totalling over 600 hours. Internships may be one semester full-time or as much as two years part-time.

Mission X

SBC’s annual Mission X is a vital experiential component of what we are about at SBC. As such it has become a special signature of our desire to help students consistently integrate what they are learning at a practical, ministry level.


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