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Take a tour and see what an average day for SBC students looks like:

Wake up

Get ready to take on whatever you have up for the day! Whether it’s a full day of class or a day to study and serve.

8:00 - Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy balanced meal prepared by kitchen staff to help give your brain and body the energy and nutrition it needs.

8:30 - Class

Most of your classes will take place in the classroom setting, especially morning classes. However, with the practical hands-on opportunities, professors may occasionally choose to move a class to an alternate location for more creative learning.

9:50 - Break

Breaks are important for re-setting the mind and body to help regain focus, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

10:00 - Class

All classrooms are equipped with up-to-date technology allowing for live-streamed learning for those at a distance.

11:30 - Chapel

Students and staff gather for chapel every day. A time to worship, pray, and reflect together as a student body. Once a week, all students break into Ministry Formation Groups where a faculty advisor will meet with the small student groups in their chosen field of study.

12:00 - Lunch

Many life-giving conversations and memories happen over shared meals. Faculty are also known to join students for lunches, furthering the mentoring and engaging in conversations about life.

1:00 - Study

The library and the Higher Grounds Café are great locations on campus for students to study and work on assignments in a quiet space.

2:30 - Class / Flex

Afternoon flex classes, part 2 of your morning class, will have a flex approach allowing for group work, live-online class discussion, and a more creative learning style beyond classroom lectures.

3:55 - Fitness

Get a bit of exercise in the fitness centre with a variety of exercise equipment. Keep a healthy body and mind. Or join a futsal or volleyball team or running club for fun and fitness.

5:30 - Supper

Have food allergies or restrictions? Our staff can accommodate that. Looking for a change of scenery? Head out for supper at one of the many restaurants in town.

6:05 - Relax

Take some time to relax and connect with your friends. We recognize and value the balance in study and self-care and building into the relationships you’ve formed.

7:00 - Service Learning

Weekly Service Learning placement gives the student experiences in serving God and His Church at local organizations or churches within Steinbach or a surrounding community. This is an important part of the educational program at SBC.

9:35 - Reading

A good time to get some reading in. All students will read through the entire Bible in their first year at SBC.

11:15 - Sleep

Back to dorm for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow’s a new day of learning, connecting, and serving.

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