The Christ and Service Entrance (CASE) Scholarship is a $1,800 scholarship available to new students entering Steinbach Bible College.

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if:

  • You are entering your first year at Steinbach Bible College;
  • You are not transferring in more than 18 credit hours from another higher education institution;
  • High School average of 70% or higher. (If you have not completed grade 12, your eligibility will be calculated based on your grade 11 grades. Your eligibility will not be removed if your grade 12 grades are lower.)
  • You maintain full-time student status (12 or more credit hours of SBC courses in each semester).
  • Demonstrate Christian living through practice or referral. Examples are:
    • Christian High School graduate
    • Youth Pastor/Camp Director/Ministry Leader referral (ministry leader must be a paid position)
    • Bible Quiz memorization
    • Camp Ministry service

Application Process

  • Submit your Steinbach Bible College student application by August 1 (fall semester) and December 1 (winter semester).
  • Confirmation for Scholarship criteria is necessary to receive this funding.

Disbursement of Funds

The CASE Scholarship ($1,800) will be split between 3 years of studies ($300 per semester of full-time studies).


Students receiving the CASE Scholarship may also be eligible for the Academic Entrance Scholarship and Entrance Bursary.

Terms and conditions of the CASE Scholarship award program are subject to change.

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