Scholarships are awarded to reward academic excellence and to assist students involved in leadership and ministry. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies to be eligible.

Academic Entrance Scholarships (AES) are awarded to incoming students based on High School grades. Deadlines: August 1 (fall semester) and December 1 (winter semester). High School Average
  • 90-100% = $1,000
  • 80-89.9% = $500
Read more about the Academic Entrance Scholarship.
Set up a profile with Scholarships Canada with your education details and interests. You will be matched to scholarships based on your profile. You can manage the scholarships you will apply to – don’t forget to sign up for deadline alerts!

Ben D. Reimer Scholarship

The Ben D. Reimer Scholarship awards 50% of their tuition to a third-year full-time student headed into fulltime ministry after graduation. The recipient will be selected based on faculty recommendation.

Harvey Plett Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to a 3rd year student with an acceptable academic record who is planning to enter full-time ministry with a church or mission agency.

Focus Area Scholarships

SBC Focus Area Scholarships worth $1,000 each are presented to 8 students returning for full-time studies, demonstrating academic achievement in their focus area, quality Christian character and successful student ministry.

Recipients are nominated by faculty and approved by the SBC Financial Aid Team. Funds will be split equally between semesters in the student’s next year of study.

The returning student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for this scholarship. If the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 in the first semester, the scholarship is forfeited for the second semester.

MDS Service Scholarship

MDS hopes to promote service and volunteering in a younger generation. By providing a scholarship to students, we can encourage them to participate in MDS service, without detracting from their ability to earn money over the summer to pay for their education.

The scholarship will cover the cost of 4 3-credit hour courses (tuition only, no extra fees). If a student does not take 4 courses in their first semester, the remaining scholarship will be given for the second semester.

Read more about the MDS Service Scholarship.

The Steinreich Bibelschule Transfer Scholarship is a $3,000 ($500/semester) scholarship available to students transferring from Steinreich Bibelschule (SBS) who demonstrate academic achievement, ministry leadership and plans for future ministry.


In specific situations, discounts are awarded by the college. Funds will be automatically applied to student accounts. Applicable fees (Lab Fees and books etc…) will still be charged.

Application Discounts

$500 available for any application that is submitted before December 31 of the year prior to the Fall Semester OR $300 for any application submitted before March 31 prior to the Fall Semester.

$50 Application Fee is waived if student attends a Campus Visit. Click here for more information on Campus Visits


Spouse Discount

Spouses of full time students receive one free course per year. Applicable fees (Lab fees etc…) will still be charged.

The spousal free course does not apply to MissionX courses, ministry team courses, online courses, music lessons, or independent studies.

Alumni Discount

BA 4 yr degree graduates may take one free credit course per year. Textbooks and other related costs are extra. This free course for credit may not be used toward a Master’s Degree course.

BA 3 yr degree graduates may take one free audit course per year, or take a credit course and pay the difference between audit and credit.

Textbooks and other related costs are extra. Students who are paying tuition will be given priority in courses with enrollment caps.

The free audit/credit course for degree graduates does not apply to MissionX courses, ministry team courses, online courses, music lessons, or independent studies.

Please note, all fees and financial aid are subject to change.
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