MX3 Blog #10 – History and Hospitality


MX3 Blog #10 – History and Hospitality

By: Nolan Penner

Today we were graciously hosted by a family who later took us to a village where they produce onions. We also went to visit a friend of our hosts and got to share about life with each other. It overall was a great time.


The Turkish people are very hospitable, and care deeply for their guests. Our group also toured an old Roman settlement which was very influential in the trinitarian theology we believe today. The church has lots of history here at the town’s foundations. The people today have a culture that displays similar biblical values such as the appreciation of children and a great respect for the elderly.


I want to emulate this love for others in my daily life through acts of service. This experience has taught me how God is present in everything all around the world. He is in control, and we should not fear. It’s interesting to see God’s work in the small things such as when a parent is playing with their child to an elderly person giving wisdom to the next generation. It’s a beautiful picture of how God sees his children every day.


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