The purpose of the Summer Ministry Bursary (SMB) is to encourage returning SBC students to become involved in some form of summer ministry on a full-time basis. This bursary will help make it financially possible to continue studying at SBC while serving in summer ministry.

Please Note: Students will apply for the Summer Ministry Bursary as part of applying for the Returning Student Bursary.

This form is also emailed to returning students in spring and is due August 1.

Bursary Offer


  • SBC offers summer ministry bursaries for the following academic year for returning students.
  • Returning students receive up to $165 per week of full-time ministry.
  • The number of weeks awarded will be determined based on each student’s financial need and the total available funding to the SMB.
  • SBC will encourage both the ministry agency and the student’s home church to match this award.
  • SBC will credit the student’s account with equal amounts in September and January of the academic year immediately following the summer of ministry.

Student Requirements

  • The student must work in the ministry a minimum of 40 hours per week for the specified number of weeks.
    Bursaries are given for a minimum of 2 weeks full-time to a maximum of 17 weeks of full-time ministry.
  • The student must be accepted and plan to attend full-time studies taking a minimum of 24 credits per year at SBC.
    Students may receive the bursary while gaining Service Learning, Practicum or Internship credits.


  • Students must apply by August 1 to receive bursaries.

Disbursement of Funds

The bursary will be applied to the student’s account, split evenly between semesters of study.


  • Students may still be eligible for the bursary while receiving a ministry salary.
  • A minimum of 20 hours per week is needed to qualify for a half bursary.
    Students dropping to part-time status (less than 24 credit hours in a year) will forfeit the bursary.
  • Students leaving the college by the second semester will forfeit the bursary payment for that semester.
  • Students may not be eligible for the bursary if they begin classes in the second semester of the academic year.
  • The returning student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to apply for this bursary. If the student’s cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 in the first semester, the bursary is forfeited for the second semester.


New Students

  • New students are eligible to apply for Academic Entrance Scholarships and an Entrance Bursary but are not eligible for the Summer Ministry Bursary program.

Qualifying Ministries

  • Christian ministries qualifying for the bursary are registered charities such as camps, missions, churches, and para-church ministries.

SMB funding levels are subject to change.

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