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Student Aid & Loans

Contact your Provincial Student Aid office to apply for an integrated Provincial and Federal government student loan (for Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada). Check the links below to apply through your province’s Student Aid office.

Or, contact your lending institution to apply for funding through a private bank loan.

Students, are urged to keep their borrowing as low as possible, remembering that after graduation these loans must be repaid at a time when other financial obligations may be heavy.

Canada Student Loans has a number of grants that they award to students with need. All students who qualify for a Canada Student Loan are assessed for these grants.

To learn about Canada Student Loans, please watch these videos: Student Loan Orientation and Repaying Your Manitoba-Canada Student Loan.

For more financial tips, helpful tools, and details about Canadian Student Loans visit Canada Student Financial Aid

For more information about student loans in your province, see the following:

The National Student Loans Service Centre is now on YouTube! Check out their channel for more information on the support they offer borrowers throughout their student loan experience.

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