SBC Run Club

Run any 6 of our designated SBC running routes* before October 31 and receive a FREE SBC Running Shirt

*More routes still to be added.

How does it work?

      1. Join Strava
      2. Join the SBC Fitness Community club on Strava to make it easier to follow and encourage your fellow runners at SBC
      3. Click on a route below on your phone with the Strava App installed
      4. Run the route
      5. Collect your prize! — After running any 6 of the routes, show Pat Martens or Dalen Kroeker your success on the Strava app to receive your free SBC Running Shirt!

Huge Thanks!

The SBC running Shirt sponsored by Plains Edge (Plains Edge is a local consulting company that assists non-profit organizations like SBC  in making effective use of their money and time.)

Running Routes

ADPenner – 4.2km

Enjoy the trail that starts at the Aquatic Center and winds through the AD Penner Park and the Georgetown development.

The Box – 7.2km

Steinbach used to fit neatly inside this square mile. This route has nice wide sidewalks for nearly the entire run.

The Zone – 3.0km

A quick tour of Steinbach’s developing industrial zone.

Abraham – 7.8km

Head out to the Bush Farm trail and then over to “Abe’s Hill.” In the winter, you may want to head back here for some sledding.

Psalm 42 – 9.9km

Follow some of the natural streams of water through Steinbach.

Starlight – 8.7km

For the ambitious. If you run this at about 6 AM in mid-October, here’s what you’ll see in the sky:

    • As you set off north and leave the city lights behind, you’ll see the big dipper standing on its handle, ahead and to the right. Just behind your right shoulder, the brightest star in that section of sky is Regulus, two or three fists above the horizon. Regulus is actually a double star, and is about 79 light years from us, fairly close as stars go.
    • After you turn left on Clear Springs Road, look way up and a little left to locate a tight cluster of bluish stars, the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. There are actually about 800 stars there, but without a telescope, you’ll probably pick out severn or eight.
    • After a mile, turn left on Road 33E and enjoy the constellation Orion, the hunter of Greek mythology, with his belt of three stars. Trace a line from Orion’s belt left and down to the brightest star Sirius, or up and right to Aldebaran (and on to the Pleiades, if you didn’t find them earlier).
    • A glimpse of the riches of the winter sky.

Stone Bridge Crossing  – 6.6km

Enjoy the views and the distance, maybe try the zip line at A.D Penner park while your at it!

Narnia Resemblance – 4.1km

Enjoy the lights that have been thought to look like the ones in Narnia! What do you think?

*Watch for more routes to be added.

Questions? Ask Pat Martens (SBC’s CFO & Running Master!)

Looking for even more running routes?

Explore Village Runs, a series of running routes set up in some of the small towns in Southeast Manitoba.

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