International Students


International Student Bursaries (ISB’s) are available to full-time international students, with preference given to students with significant financial need from developing countries. The amount of the bursary given to selected applicants is dependent on country of origin, financial need, past academic history and mission fit with the college.

ISB Purpose

The International Student Bursary at SBC is given to:

  • Train international church leaders from developing countries for ministry in their culture of origin.
  • Bring cultural diversity and global exposure to the SBC campus community.
  • Connect SBC with emerging leaders from the international churches in developing countries.

SBC will provide

  • A bursary covering a set amount of tuition for each year of full-time studies.
  • Bursary length ranges from of 1-4 years depending on financial need and evidence of benefit

Student Expectations

  • Apply to SBC
  • Apply for the ISB bursary using ISB Student Application Form annually.
  • While not a requirement, intention to return to one’s home country for ministry increases the “mission fit” of a student.
  • Arrange and purchase travel to Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Recipients must register as a full-time student or equivalent full-time studies for those with English as a second language.
  • Recipients must obtain the necessary study permit, insurance and other travel arrangements necessary to attend SBC.

Home Church Expectations

  • Apply to recommend the student for the ISB using the ISB Home Church Application Form.
  • Commission the student for their ministry training at SBC.
  • Provide ongoing emotional, prayer and financial support as needed.
  • For students returning home after their studies, facilitate ministry opportunities upon the student’s completion of their training.

Canadian Sponsor Church Expectations (Optional)

  • Apply to sponsor the ISB Student using ISB Sponsor Church Application Form.
  • (Optional) Provide some funding for student room and board (rent and groceries for students not living in dorm).
  • Provide emotional support and a home-away-from-college for holidays, long-weekends, break weeks etc….

Am I Eligible?

You are increasingly eligible to receive the ISB if you are:

  • Recommended by your Home Church and pastor.
  • A church leader or leader in training.
  • From a developing country and intend to return to your country upon completion of your program.
  • Have high grades from past studies.
  • Are supported by a Canadian Sponsor Church (Optional).

Application Process

There are four forms to be eligible for an ISB:

For questions about the ISB, please contact SBC Admissions.

Forms from the churches helps establish connection with the student and ensures the student will have the support needed to succeed in a college program.

Award Deferral

ISB students may defer their attendance for one full year. After a year, the student may be asked to reapply for the ISB and go through the selection process again.


  • Terms and conditions of the ISB program are subject to change.
  • ISB students receiving 50% or more tuition funding may not receive any other scholarships or bursaries from SBC.
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