Housing Opportunities

SBC On Campus Housing Opportunities

3 Bedroom Basement Bungalow


2 Bedroom Bungalow


1 Bedroom Basement Bungalow


2 Bedroom Apartments


1 Bedroom Apartments


These are starting level prices and include applicable student discounts. Prices include Utilities and Lite Internet Lite WiFi service. For housing details, questions and pricing for the public, please contact Red River Group, SBC’s campus housing property manager.

Local Housing Opportunities


I am looking for a female roommate to split the cost of my two bedroom apartment.

The address is 339-3 Neufeld Dr., Mitchell. It’s a 2 story apartment with 2 bathrooms, a deck/patio, lots of space, and a parking spot.

Rent in total is $775 without hydro or internet. Add those to the full cost and split between two people is about $450 a month. However, this fluctuates with how much hydro is used (more in winter, less is summer).

For questions or interest, Alyssa Braun can be reached at 431-205-1937, or by email at alyssabronze@gmail.com.

For more housing options in Steinbach, see:

SteinbachOnline.com – Local rental classifieds ads

The Carillon – weekly Steinbach newspaper

*Items remain on the website for 3 months before being removed.

To have an item posted, contact reception@sbcollege.ca or call the office at 204 326-6451.

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