Helpful Tips to Pay For Bible College

Here are a few ideas to tackle the finance side of your Bible College education. While not all tips will apply to you, hopefully you can find a few nuggets of wisdom to act on.

Transfer Credits – Students coming from a Christian High School often transfer in 4 credit hours worth of courses. That translates to over $1000 in saved tuition.

Home Church Bursaries – Home churches often give between $500 and $4000 for students attending Bible College. Have you asked your church for support?

Conference Bursary – Many conferences give money to help support leadership development within their conference.

Support Letter – Write a support letter to friends and family asking for direct support. This is common practice for students attending discipleship, ministry and biblical training schools. Getting both prayer and financial support for Bible College is important. Plus, your friends and family will be thrilled to hear from you and to discover what you are learning at Bible college as you seek to grow in your faith and ministry readiness.

Bursaries/Scholarships – Look online for scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for. Email your local RM (rural municipality) or Town/City Office to ask if they have any student funding available. Apply for SBC scholarships and bursaries.

Part time Job – At SBC campus jobs usually pay approx. $1000 per academic year (this is about 3 hours per week of work). You may also find flexible jobs at local grocery stores and fast food chains; this takes the edge off the financial worries.

Just don’t work too many hours per week or you won’t be able to fully achieve your spiritual, academic and social goals. Be wise. It may be better to take a small loan than to work so many hours you miss out on the college experience.

Cut Expenses – Off-load recurring expenses such as memberships and expiring cell phone contracts. Even de-insuring a vehicle can yield savings of $1000 for the 8 months of college. Embrace the “cheap college student” motif.

Student Loans – It makes sense for the Canadian and Manitoba government to expect most people to pay for their schooling through student loans (that or wealthy parents). If you are new to loans the repayment process can appear daunting. But if you make a point to pay back loans quickly after graduation, they can be real simple to work with. You don’t pay interest on the loan until you stop going to school. And by then the goal is to have a better paying job so you can make the payments without trouble. Note: Loans are not an excuse for over-spending on clothing, cell phone, vacations and for not working hard and getting a job.

Canada Student Grants – A Canada Student Grant is money you receive to pay for college/university that you don’t have to pay back. It is essentially “free money”. If you qualify for a Canada Student Loan, you are automatically assessed for most Canada Student Grants. Learn more…

Tax Savings – See this article showing how tax savings can save students over $3,000. read more…

HigherEdPoints – SBC is pleased to be a Participating Institution in the www.HigherEdPoints.com program. Students, family members and friends can convert loyalty points to cover SBC fees.

Workplace Union – Ask your workplace and/or workplace union if they can help pay for your college education.

Text Books – Ask returning students if you can borrow or buy their used text books. The SBC library also has copies of all text books on reserve for you to use. You can also significantly save by buying e-books for Kindle or Kobo.

If you have further questions or financial doubts about paying for your education, contact SBC Admissions.

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