4 Benefits of Studying at SBC in Person

In a world that is very quickly moving online, it can be hard to believe that a college student like myself would be writing a post to try to convince you that classes are better in person. But it’s the truth! There’s something about smelling the dorm student sitting next to you who clearly stayed up late doing homework and didn’t have time for a shower…just kidding, that’s definitely not one of the benefits, though it would be a great opportunity to practice grace.

There are four clear benefits that I, as a student taking classes in person, see for choosing to learn on campus.

Less Distractions

When you’re at home doing class online, with the ability to take your headphones out anytime you want, it’s impossible not to get distracted. The professor doesn’t see you when you get up to grab a snack, the whole class doesn’t stare your way when you yell at the person in the next room, and there’s just not the same accountability for you to stay on task. Yes, there are friends to distract you at school, but the difference there is that they want to participate in the same class as you do, and they’re not in a totally different time zone. In-person classes provide much less distractions.

Learning in the Context of Community

One of SBC’s core values is that learning happens in the context of community. It is so much better learning with others than learning on your own. Learning with others allows you to build off others’ ideas during class discussions, allows you to feel more motivated in class and while doing homework with people around you, and allows you to better understand the concept of the Body of Christ. Learning together with the Body about how to better serve the Kingdom fulfills the idea of learning in the context of community and learning in person makes that all the more real.

Involvement in Class

Being involved in class is MUCH easier in person than online. There’s just something about being face-to-face that makes you feel more engaged. You can interact with the professor and other students in real-time, and don’t have to awkwardly interrupt anyone due to a “bad connection”. Because there are others around you who are also engaged, you tend to be more focused and more interactive as well.

Being Outside of Class Together

Being at in-person classes does not mean that you log out of the classroom when class ends and immediately move onto your own thing. Being at in-person classes means that after class is finished, there are still other people around you to talk to and to interact with! As you sanitize your desk, or as you walk towards your cubicle in the library to study, there are many people to stop and talk with along the way who can provide assurance that no, you are not the only one who hasn’t started their Psalms exegetical.

There are many benefits to doing school in person, and these are just four of the top contenders. I didn’t even mention the benefits of seeing Professor Gord’s childlike smile as he opens the Coffee Crisp bar you gave him coincidentally on the same day you happened to misplace your Philosophy of Parenting paper! In all seriousness though, I don’t take my in-person learning opportunities for granted, and I am so grateful to be coming back this fall for another semester of on-campus learning.

SBC has continued to follow the Manitoba Health guidelines in all efforts across the campus, ensuring students and staff have access to a safe study and work place. We are taking extra measures to make our campus a safe and welcoming place as each of us plays our role in following these guidelines.

If you are interested in studying in-person at SBC this Fall, head over to SBCollege.ca/Apply to get your application started now! Save $300 by applying by April 30.

Emma Reimer

Emma is a student blogger for 2020-2021. She is in her second of three years in the BA Christian Studies program with a focus in Worship Arts.

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