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What SBC is Like

Welcome to Steinbach Bible College

Your Mission

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At SBC, you can expect to discover an education that is relevant for life. No matter what program you're in, you will be introduced to hands-on ministry each year to give you opportunities to put your faith into action. We believe you can't separate your faith from your career. Whether you are called to go into full-time ministry or a career in the marketplace, SBC will help you develop a solid Biblical foundation so that you can be confident in your faith. Allow us to give you a tour of the 5 most important features of SBC.

Our Mission: SBC is an evangelical Anabaptist college equipping servant leaders for Church ministries.

By attending SBC you can expect to:

  • Establish a Biblical foundation that is practical, analytical, relational, and creative.
  • Experience intensive faith and life formation within a discipleship community.
  • Develop and discern ministry skills with a missional focus.
  • Build lifelong friendships.
  • Develop spiritual habits and a deeper commitment to Christ.
  • Acquire communication skills for expressing the Gospel.

Bible Instruction

The Bible and its teaching is the beginning of your education at SBC. Whether the learning situation is one of direct Bible study, ministry development or general arts courses, biblical teaching is integrated into the material to develop a worldview consistent with God's revelation in His Word.This rooting of the educational process in the Bible will provide you with a foundation for life. Whatever your life direction, career or passion, you will be guided by this foundation.

"Daily I'm using the tools that I was taught at SBC to be an agent of the Kingdom of God. God is breathing new life into lonely customers, hurting truckers and questioning contractors."
- Steven Bock

Life on Life Mentoring

Our primary goal at SBC is for you to develop a more meaningful walk with Jesus Christ and to develop His heart for people. This journey happens in the context of a vibrant and caring community.

Faculty Care

The professors at SBC go beyond their call of duty to provide a meaningful experience for you, both in and out of the classroom. Their passion for God and the Church is evident and they have a genuine concern for the well-being of each student. Faculty welcome students to drop by their offices and regularly open their homes to students.

Student Belonging

Student relationships and strong community are vital to the well-rounded learning environment at SBC. This community is built through ministry formation groups, daily chapel times, retreats designed to strengthen spiritual development, care group participation and relaxing and laughing together in some of our cozy lounges.

"A huge part of my experience has been the mentorship from the faculty and staff as they live their lives with us. Their love for God and their love for people is evident as they spend time discipling students and encouraging them to be all that they can be."
- Sarah Barkman

"We are called to love. When we do this, God uses us in ways that we never thought were possible."
- Nate Siemens

Residence Discipleship Community

The SBC residence is not just another place to live, but a unique opportunity to grow spiritually, study God's word, build constructive friendships and learn to live with others. Our Student Development Team works together with our student Care Group Leaders to build an environment of acceptance, spiritual growth, study and fun in the SBC dorms. Weekly Care Groups, visiting SBC Staff in their homes and other Student Life activities make the dorm experience a memorable one!

Making lasting friendships is a huge part of living in residence. A Bible College is made up of real people with real needs, struggles and joys. As you walk alongside one another and work through your faith and struggles in a community like the residence, bonds grow strong. You will find lasting friendships that often continue long after you graduate. If you are willing to grow spiritually, learn more about God, and develop lasting friendships, consider living in our Residence Discipleship Community at SBC.

Experiential Learning

Learning is extended beyond the classroom and into the world as our students are exposed to the needs of this world and to opportunities to live out the Gospel.

Field Education

Each semester our students step out into various ministries in the local community to serve through our Field Education program. This practical hands-on learning deepens student understanding of what they are learning in the classroom.

Mission Exposure

In January of every year, students are exposed to the needs of people in a variety of cross-cultural settings. Our students consistently point to the MissionX program as being some of the most significant learning times of their college experience.

"Through MissionX God showed me that all He needs from us is a willing heart. He will take care of the rest." - Greg Plett

MissionX is an important part of helping equip students for church ministry. This practical, hands-on, service opportunity challenges students with global needs both far and near, while also helping them discover their own particular giftedness and ministry interests. Students learn to rely on God, and each other, as they face the different challenges of cross-cultural ministry. Students' lives are deeply changed and many sense, or deepen an existing sense, of God's personal call on their lives for involvement in ministry.

  • First-Year Students - Inner City Winnipeg
  • Second-Year Students - Northern Manitoba
  • Third-Year Students - International Ministry

1st year student taking part in missionary work.

3rd year student on international ministry experiencing God's creations abroad.

3rd year students on international ministry sharing the faith with local people.

3rd year students on international ministry helping build vital infrastructure.

Extra-Curricular Involvements

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SBC Flames Athletics offers you the following sports opportunities...

  • Women's and Men's Volleyball
  • Women's and Men's Futsal
  • Men's Basketball YFC Ministry
  • Men's Hockey

SBC also offers you the Integrating Faith and Sport course for credit. This experiential course studies Biblical teachings of love, respect, and growth in character for student athletes participating in the pressure of competition. Christian coaches mentor students participating in the pressures of competition, seeking to play with character and motivations which honor God.

"I was immediately able to put what I had Learned into practice at summer camp."
- Randy Krahn


The Ignite! vocal ensemble ministers in various settings through contemporary Christian music for inspiration and encouragement. Ignite! performs at youth events, at on-campus events and in churches. Their purpose is to draw the congregation closer to God through Spirit-filled worship.

"The friendships that I have formed with fellow students (as well as staff) have taught me more about God and myself than I could have possibly imagined."
- Ryan Sawatzky

New Creation

New Creation is SBC's drama troupe. This 6-member drama team spends the college year preparing various sketches as well as full-length production for ministry in schools, communities and church groups.

Drama Production

Join our annual Drama Production put on by students for the local community. Candlewick Productions provides the creative and instructional foundation for this 3 credit hour course, ensuring a high-quality performance and learning experience!

Free Servant

Free Servant is a praise & worship band leading worship on campus and at youth events.

A Message From the President

Dr. Rob Reimer

Dr. Rob Reimer


I'm excited that you are considering attending Steinbach Bible College. We are a tried and true college that trains men and women to effectively live out their faith in an ever-changing world. For more than 75 years that has been our mission, and we are committed to that now more than ever.

Your college experience at SBC is centered on a model of life-on-life learning where your education happens within the context of a vibrant community. One of the things you will notice right away is the personal relationships that students develop with the faculty and staff at the college. The size of our college allows for strong relationships between students. Our small class sizes mean greater interaction and attention for each student.

Steinbach Bible College is also unique in the way in which we incorporate practical experiential learning into the classroom experience. We call this 3D Learning - more than just classroom theory and integrative assignments. At the center of this 3D Learning is our mission exposure module in January. Every student is challenged to consider how their faith intersects with a broken and hurting world.

One of the things I have learned along the way is that no matter what kind of job I find myself doing, I'm always called to be part of God's mission for the world. Whether your future plans involve a career in industry, business, healthcare or homemaking, spending time understanding your place in God's mission is something that will last for a lifetime.

I pray that you become the man or woman God wants you to become, that you will develop spiritually, cognitively, emotionally, and relationally. I look forward to seeing you this year at SBC. Your mission starts here.

Dr. Rob Reimer

50 PTH 12 North
Steinbach, Manitoba
Canada R5G 1T4

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